Marion County Property Lines (Mississippi)

Search for Marion County, MS property lines. A property line search can provide information on property boundaries, property line markers, subdivisions, parcel numbers, property boundary locations, lot dimensions, property records, property line divisions, property appraisals, public property lines, unclaimed parcels, property owner information, and zoning boundaries.

Recorders of Deeds in Marion County, Mississippi maintain property records in order to ensure the accuracy of property, land, and property tax records. As part of this responsibility, the Recorder of Deeds keeps detailed records on Marion County property lines, which include information on the subdivisions of land tracts, boundary locations, property line markers, parcel numbers, and lot dimensions. These Marion County property records may also include information on current and former owners, any easements or rights of way, and boundaries between public and private land. Marion County Recorders of Deeds may provide access to property line records on their website.

Marion County Recorder of Deeds Columbia MS 250 Broad Street 39429 601-736-2691

Town and City Halls in Marion County, Mississippi provide municipal services for their town or city and maintain records on their jurisdiction, including property line records. These Marion County public records show property boundaries, lot dimensions, and property boundary markers. They may also list zoning boundaries, parcel numbers, and the boundaries between public and private property, as well as information on current and former property owners and property taxes. Marion County Town and City Halls may provide online access to their property line records.

Columbia City Hall Columbia MS 201 2nd Street 39429 601-736-8201

Assessor Offices in Marion County, Mississippi are responsible for determining the value of all taxable property within their jurisdiction, which is used to calculate property taxes. In addition, Marion County Assessors maintain detailed property records, including information on property lines. These records may show property boundary markers, boundary locations, tract subdivisions, and lot dimensions. Assessors also keep records on parcel numbers, current and former owners, and the boundaries between public and private property. Assessors may provide online access to their Marion County property line records.

Marion County Tax Assessor Columbia MS 250 Broad Street 39429 601-736-8256